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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week 22: Hebrews 11(2)

Hello family and friends,
Successful stake conference this week! Sister C and her kid Cloves and Charles traveled. Miracles happen. Sister C used to be very aloof and would sometimes sing funny songs with lyrics telling us to go home. It was funny and we never stopped. The change just happened without a warning and Sister Arrieta and I were very surprised that she would ask us when we will visit them again. Her heart was softened and now she has returned and Cloves' baptism will be on the 1st. 
This week was slow for us :( and we had to travel a few times to Butuan so we just gave more time to the people we have to focus on. I don't have my journal with me and I'm sorry I can't give more stories. Just know that your missionary is growing to be the missionary the Savior wants her to be. 
I made maki rice rolls for the district and for other missionaries this week. They loved it! (At least I think they did haha) We forgot to take photos :( Next time I promise! Did I also tell you that finally they have Robinson's now in Butuan? It's funny because it feels like home everytime I go there. Just saying.. :)
Just in case you are wondering why the subject, it's my favorite chapter in the New Testament and have helped me a lot this week. Read and ponder everyone. 
Remember that I love you all. Thank you for all the love and support!
Your sister in zion, 
Sister Javelona 

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Week 20 & 21: I Obey with Exactness! I Obey Now!

Hello everyone!
I am super alright :) Pday was just moved because we had our zone conference which went really great. I would love to say that President Torres is the BEST. He never fails to uplift us and at the same time move us to self evaluation and improve. It was my second zone conference and it just got better. His creative ideas and I believe to be revelations are my favorites. For instance, he said that mission is like basketball. We have MVPs too and it should not be missionary by plate but missionaries by performance. True because diligence is very important.
Sister Arrieta and I are happy about the turnout of the week. We are working smarter and blessings from the conference helped us more. I still have the thought of us both being new but as we evaluate and count our blessings, I ended up saying "These new sisters can actually do it!" I can feel the tender mercies of the Lord everyday. 

Health Updates! We ran around the neighborhood twice this week. That was good because we would just normally stay indoors for our daily exercises. We are planning to hit the park this week and look for teaching opportunities at the same time :) No to soda is still under operation. Its been over 3 months! I feel good. 

Funny story, we also had a zone training last week and our zl used the song "The Greatest Love of All" to teach a principle and guess what? I was asked to sing the chorus part. Okay, I leave you to imagine how I did it. :P
I received your package! I loved everything but my favorites are the letters and wallet from Mama. Salamat kaayo! You know what could melt my heart. :) 

Stake conference will be on Sunday and our progressing investigators have great desires to attend. I will tell you about it next week. Enjoy the photos. Remember that I and the Lord loves you. 

Your sister in zion,
Sister Javelona

Thank you!

Feeling youth :) 

FHE with M. family 

Sister Javelona, E.J. 
Philippines Butuan Mission
September 2013 - March 2015
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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week 19: The Caravan Moves On

Hello family and friends!
Too many to tell you about the week! I would like to say that yes everyday is not perfect but at the end of the day and week, counting our blessings makes us develop our character of gratitude. "The caravan moves on" as taught by Tad Callister was qouted from the area broadcast. 2014 goals are centered to the same principle for the last 3 years, feasting upon the words of Christ. The Book of Mormon is true, continue feasting upon them and you will know all things what you should do :)
8 individuals from our 15 names focused of the ward attended the sacrament. And in my email today I am happy to take time to write a few about each of them. Sister and Brother M is an amazing couple, Brother M is doing wonderfully in keeping the word of wisdom. We visited Sister Floradel for the first time last thursday and she kept her commitment and renewed her covenant, she is amazing. She has an 8yr old girl and we are excited for her baptism. Brother Josefredo is an old man, very silly sometimes but she just needs to feel loved. Sister Janet is a strong woman of Christ, she has a strong testimony and she has started sharing it more often that she ever had before. Sister Jocelyn is the super mom, she seems to have a wall built at first but she is slowly opening doors for us missionaries. Sister Elizabeth is the hardworker, she is such a blessing for her family. My message about writing about each of them is they are all our blessings this week. I could sometimes feel the sadness of lack of baptisms and they make me grateful about the other part of our work and very important too. Rescuing the one.
For the other activities, we had ward home evening with the U family. I have the photo attached, you can see how big the family is. We also had ward home evening and a boy went home from his mission. We are excited for him receive calling and work with us. Returned missionaries in the ward are blessings ;)
Sister Arrieta and I are doing great. Here's a little secret, both of us are a little scared of companionship inventory but this weeks been wonderful. I think we are growing to be big fans of inventories and evaluations. We want to improve everyday! Transfers will be on Thursday. It more likely that we will stay as companions but we'll see!
We can travel already! Yay! Roads are still under renovation but we can travel. In fact we are in Butuan for a combined zone activity. Our zone had jerseys made :)
Remember that I love each and everyone of you. I love your emails. People can't blame me if I talk about family and ward often. You are the best support system!
Sister Javelona

Sister Javelona, E.J. 
Philippines Butuan Mission
September 2013 - March 2015

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Week 18: The Spirit of Elijah and the day of hearts challenge

Hello family and friends!
I told you last week of different exciting events so here they are. First of all my attempt to do rice rolls without nori was a flop :( I didn't bother to take pictures but that probably isn't important ;) I'll try again next time.
I was vague about the campus proselyting. It was the 1st Genealogy and Family History Work and Exhibit. Yes, first because Butuan Mission was the first to organize this kind of event in the Philippines. Caraga State University wasn the chosen school. It was a success! (and a fun activity at that and very spiritual) And guess what
assignment I got with Sister Comiso? We will write an article for the Mormon Newsroom! As always, inadequacies tried to kick in but no worries because we shrugged it off right away. We got some photos but I might send them once they are officially out. The workshops were great and the students were very participative. More of what happened will be in the article so for now it is suffice to share the challenge Elder Papa of the Area FH gave us, "Remember at least one of your ancestors on the day of hearts!" Planting the spirit of Elijah hastens the work. I know it's true!
Exchanges are the best! I sometimes feel pressured about it but it's still my favorite. The training leaders are inspired and called of God. I learned many from Sister Ebalan and Sister Frando but what I like the most are their counsels on how I could show more my love for Sister Arrieta. These sisters broke my wall too easy and I didn't help but cry and share my feelings of inadequacies. And in return, I feel very uplifted and my companionship with Sister Arrieta got even better!
Some of you might have heard about the soil erosion that happened in our area. Travels were canceled but everyone are safe. Thank you everyone for the love and prayers!
Lastly I want to share with you a poem written by an elder missionary of Butuan.  He wrote this for a very special reason. He is a great example of strength and faith.
The Beauty Within
M.B. Arpon
(dedicated to my father and two brothers, my beloved mother Zenaida and all those people affected by the typhoon Haiyan.)
The beauty of life is not always what you see 
Neither of what you hear nor other's tellin' thee
Not as the berry, that so fair, yes! So sweet
But on whence it from, and what it may become
The beauty of journey is to enjoy it freely
Not to run faster and finish it immediately
Not to win gold or biggest trophy
But to have the prize of all eternity
The beauty of affliction is not that you are alone
Not to cry and weep or just stare on the moon
Not to think that God is just sitting on His throne
But to know that He's there to bless you all along
The beauty of all pain is that you must endure
and know that we are loved enough to give us cure
The beauty of being loved is that to make it sure
to lighten all burdens that you and I has bore
Life is not full of joy or of recreation
not so filled of peace but you much hold on
Trials and afflictions seem, will never leave you home
but the beauty within is that you must go on. 

Remember that the Lord loves you! Have a great week!
The joyful servant,
Sister Javelona

   With my companion Sister Arrieta 

 Excited about what?! 

  I want to be a Preach My Gospel missionary :) 

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Week 17: Amazing Week!

Hello Family!
This will be a very long email since I wrote you a very short one last week. First of all, I loved the package! Thank you everyone who helped putting those up. I will be honest, sister missionaries will be needing more skirts and blouses after their 3rd month haha so thank you for sending the dresses. I will be making rice rolls today and probably tomorrow for our district meeting (nori less because I can't find them here).  I am excited and I will be sending you photos.
About our companionship, we are doing great! The training is going smoothly, challenges here and there but we can feel the Lord helping us. I told you about Bro. C, he is progressing wonderfully. He reads the Book of Mormon and stopped drinking coffee. He is just great. We are facing challenges with his work schedule as we approach his baptismal date and we had to extend but we are staying positive. Bro. M is another miracle this week. Him and his wife started attending church again after years of not going. Yesterday, we taught them the Law of Tithing and he started asking a question in a very serious voice. In my mind, he might ask tough questions or won't commit but no! His question was not about the lesson but "Sisters, how do you study the Book of Mormon? Where should I start and how can I make it more meaningful?" It was an inspired question and we happily helped him and gave him suggestions. Sister Arrieta and I loves talking about these wonderful experiences with the members and investigators when we arrive home.
It's been raining hard in Bayugan everyday this week but the work is still moving forward. Rain or shine, we find people to teach and we found several new investigators through Sister Arrieta's finding efforts. The Lord has prepared means for us and we can see it daily. Funny part, I wouldn't know my shoes were already very tattered underneath if it didn't rain. No worries because we bought new ones already before we did the emails. :)
There are 3 events we are looking forward this week. First is the Area Broadcast on Saturday and we will travel again to Butuan. Who's going? It will be brilliant! Second is the campus proselyting in one of the universities in Butuan. Some of the missionaries experienced it already and they say it will be awesome so I am excited for that. I am anticipating to have find more people to teach. Exchanges tomorrow! We have a new STL so Sister Comiso and I are both anxious. It will be our first time to do exchanges as trainers, pressured, pressured. :D I will tel you all about it next week. 

Received letters from E. Javelona this week! I love him so much. He is doing so well from his letters and photos and from reading them I can feel he he is growing to be someone the Savior wants him to be. We both love being a missionary!
This past few Pdays, I have been receiving emails of great news. Couples going to the temple, couples getting engaged and old friends getting baptized. On top of all of these, Haley bore her testimony in the sacrament meeting. Thank you very much for sharing all these! I love you all! Stay strong in the gospel everyone!
The joyful servant, 
Sister Javelona 
                                                 With Sister Comiso, we are both wishing to be companions someday! 

Me can't wait to open the package. Sister Comiso telling me "Come on, let's do it!"

                        Thank you so much!

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