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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week 5: Return with honor everyday!

Hello everyone!
How's your week? I know, we felt it here too in Bayugan. We heard from the members about the affected areas of the earthquake. I hope and pray that everyone  stay safe as we continue to help and pray for them. As expected, more people are talking about the Second Coming being nigh at hand. Because truly, it really is! Exactly why us missionaries wants to return with honor. Now, we are not going home yet! We want to to do our very best daily to find people to teach the restored gospel. We want to return to our apartments knowing there are lives that may be changing because we went to their homes and taught by the spirit.
People who keep their commitments are the best ever! We feltso much happiness when Bro. Dave texted us about his reading assignments. He is amazing! His and his sister Kyle are progressing wonderfully each week. Cristy made it too and we are happy campers. S. Esguerra and I been thinking more about the recent converts for the last two week. For some reason, we can't find all of them in their homes. We've been patient and prayerful and alas! We were surprized and amazed on Saturday we taught 4 of them. All of them kept their commitments and attended the sacrament. Seeing them renew their covenants made the week.
We had exchanges, S. De Lara worked with us and I love her. I can feel the the spirit when she teach and her application of principles from the Preach my Gospel is very evident. They are fond of making missionary family history here and I thought that it's funny! Your trainer is your nanay, the STL your lola and this missionary is your cousin and so forth. It's funny.
Okay, I will be honest! This week we ate more noodles and crackers because market wasn't timely.  Nissin and instant oats are becoming my new bestfriends. However, (for Mama's sake)  we just went to the market and bought real food including veggies. Did I tell you already that S. Esguerra can make almost all vegetables delicious? You know me, Im not a big fan but she cooks amazingly! We will be good until the end of the month and hopefully won't turn back to noodles. 

Brother R. and his mom are growing cranberries and it's beautiful. He took seeds from his mission and now Im sending some seeds home. :) We will have FHE next monday with them and we'll have cranberry jam!
I hope everyone are happy. I miss everyone. Hugs and kisses to my princess, Haley. Enjoy the pics. Have a wonderful week!

Can you see who's with us! 


Sister Esguerra sleeping with the area books beside her!

Noodles and crackers!

Sister Javelona

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