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Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 77-78: Working with members and mission tour prep!!

This is the start of my last transfer. Sister Guevarra and I are just committed to make it memorable and do our best. And I feel that we started strong and right. The Loneza family, Janice, and Shalum attended church. It was superb. Shalum is a sister of a recent convert. See how missionary work works? The members are our best allies. The photo below with the L family proved it right again. :) Our branch president taught with us in one of our discussion with them. It was a very spiritual lesson!

By the way, SG and her batchmate Elder Serrano graduated from the training. So here's a little suprise from the ward missionaries and ftm after our zone training meeting. Im telling you the Mati 1 and 2nd branch missionaries are most proactive! The mission where they will be assigned will be very blessed!

So this week is a sort of preparation for the upcoming mission tour with Elder Bowen and his wife. I am going to see and hear from a special witness of the Lord again. It will be great. Learning starts not in the actual training but in the preparation. :)

Sister Javelona
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Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 76: Consecration

The next posts will be in a different format. Only because I am writing these not as a fulltime missionary anymore. I kinda stopped sending these. Enough said, I will be working on this records using my journals. :D It will be as spiritual for me. 
How's everyone doing? Summer is approaching haha  Its starting to get really hot here in Mati. Im excited to hear from everyone again. Here comes my last transfer. . Man! Last cycle. I am trying not to put a sad face here because I should not. It is bittersweet and I just want to enjoy it and work hard with S.Guevarra. 

Summer is approaching and it was really hot in Mati. I cared about SPF. Comments like you did not get any darker wasn't new. During this week we had a family too attend the church tour. The Loneza family had a lot of potential I should say. They were very receptive and they can recognized the answers to their prayers. S.GUevarra was ready to split. We enjoy each others company but splits with the ward missionaries is a great help too. 
I had the opportunity to talk in the sacrament meeting. I used that as a way to finally share about one doctrine that I understood more deeply in the mission. CONSECRATION. It's nice you know, how this so complicated doctrine became so simple and plain with the help of the Holy Ghost. I learned that really a consecrated life is what would us happy and contented. If there is anything at all that is most basic to understand that we have to consecrate that is our time and choices. I know that if we do so, heaven will open and we will come to feel the sweet spirit of love of our Heavenly Father. We will fulfill our purpose. 

Sister Javelona
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Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 75: We are His friends :)

Hello family,

Finally! Jaymar made it to church. :)) I told you we had some challenges bringing him to church for the past weeks. But guess what? He went to church all by himself. He also managed to to squeeze our lessons in his busy week. We met with him thrice this week and he is progressing. He has a new baptsim goal and showed determination to make it happen. We met the P. family this week. Rap is a member of the church and moved from Bukidnon. She brought her wife Janice, our investigator and another friend. Rap though haven't visited the church for a while participated in the class discussion wonderfully. Sister Guevarra and I continued to find more people to teach and the members are the best channels to find. The branch missionaries helps freely. There were several more that were called and set apart on Sunday and we are excited to work with them. We have a few more goals to achieve but it was an amazing week. 
Speaking of amazing. I had my first activity in the zone and probably my last too. The zone leaders was too brilliant to organize an amazing race. It was more of a spiritual race. :)) 
Our district held a campus proselyting in Davao Oriental State College. We were just outside giving pamphlets out and basically just talking to young people. Got several names to contact in their homes and the elders made 4 investigate already and brought a sister in the sacrament meeting! It was great! 
Okay, those were just some of the highlights this week. We were left alone in the apartment again. The training leaders had to travel for exchanges. SG and I are owning the apartment, not even scared anymore :) 
Transfer day will be next week. Not anxious because I won't be transferred I know haha but you know what that means right? Last transfer cycle.. 
My study of the Doctrine and Covenants been my most precious times. History, doctrines and principles combined makes me love the Lord even more. I know we are His friends. He loves us and He will help us. " Verily I say unto you my friends, fear not, let your hearts be comforted; yea, rejoice evermore, and in everything give thanks" D&C 98:1 :))
I love you everyone! Have a great week. HUGS!

Your sister in zion, 
Sister Javelona

Campus proselyting with the ward missionaries :)

Dinner with a wonderful member after the activity :) 

mati zone activity

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 74: Farewell message already?

Hi Family and Friends!!!
How's everyone doing? Yes, its true! I gave a farewell message already together with other several missionaries. Friday was our combined zone conference with Monkayo and Tagum. We had to travel to Tagum and it was great to be there again and see our branch president. As always conferences are great spiritual recharge and preparation. As President Torres emphasized, learning starts not in the actual training but in the preparations. I prepared well and so I believe I learned as much as I could back there. So is for S. Guevarra. While its the the last for me, it was her first conference yet. She was a little nervous about it but she was great especially when we practiced teaching. We were drained because of the travel but interview followed the next day. I can't complain, 2 days of continuing revelations :)) Talking about spiritually energized, we then held a missionary fireside and branch caravan haha It was the busiest week but I love it! 
S.Guevarra and I are reaching our goals. We find happiness with our efforts tough we are sadden that Jaymar did not make it to church this week. But hey, nobody is discouraged. We know Jaymar can do it. He is reading the Book of Mormon and he FEELs that it is true. We will continue to help him to KNOW that it is true. :) 
I love each and everyone of you. This week made me feel the nearness of my coming home. Its starting to sink in but my love of the work is also soaring high. The next week will be a blast. I know that the church is true. We are led by wonderful prophets and leaders. I hope you continue to listen and do their counsels. 
Don't count the days because I won't haha Have a great week!

Your sister in zion, 
Sister Javelona

San Franz missionaries reunited during the combined zone conference

Mati Zone :D

Just throwing in another photo of myself and my wonderful companion

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