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Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 76: Consecration

The next posts will be in a different format. Only because I am writing these not as a fulltime missionary anymore. I kinda stopped sending these. Enough said, I will be working on this records using my journals. :D It will be as spiritual for me. 
How's everyone doing? Summer is approaching haha  Its starting to get really hot here in Mati. Im excited to hear from everyone again. Here comes my last transfer. . Man! Last cycle. I am trying not to put a sad face here because I should not. It is bittersweet and I just want to enjoy it and work hard with S.Guevarra. 

Summer is approaching and it was really hot in Mati. I cared about SPF. Comments like you did not get any darker wasn't new. During this week we had a family too attend the church tour. The Loneza family had a lot of potential I should say. They were very receptive and they can recognized the answers to their prayers. S.GUevarra was ready to split. We enjoy each others company but splits with the ward missionaries is a great help too. 
I had the opportunity to talk in the sacrament meeting. I used that as a way to finally share about one doctrine that I understood more deeply in the mission. CONSECRATION. It's nice you know, how this so complicated doctrine became so simple and plain with the help of the Holy Ghost. I learned that really a consecrated life is what would us happy and contented. If there is anything at all that is most basic to understand that we have to consecrate that is our time and choices. I know that if we do so, heaven will open and we will come to feel the sweet spirit of love of our Heavenly Father. We will fulfill our purpose. 

Sister Javelona
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