a journey to motherhood


I'm a huge fan of bucketlists.

 I just feel that it's a cool and effective way to get your goals done. 

Things that you are looking forward to do and places to go to and goals waiting to be accomplished seems very near. 

This is my bucketlist and its totally random.

Some of them maybe not so important but it makes me happy.

Updates! So I made a little categorization. 
The first buckletlist are short term or not so short term selfie goals that i find amusing and worthwhile. I didn't want to get away from these bucketlists because it's also the small things that makes life beautiful. 

  • learn how to drive
  • ride a plane
  • ride a boat
  • learn how  to swim 
  • sing a song in public  
  • wear black stockings
  • own an oven
  • own a baking utensils/bakeware
  • bake my own bday cake
  • bake something
  • host a party
  • scuba diving
  • snorkeling
  • own a DSLR
  • own a car 
  • read Hunger Games trilogy, Hunger Games
  • read Pride and Prejudice
  • watch Pride and Prejudice
  • run 3x in a week
  • run 5x in a week
  • complete a boxing training
  • run a marathon/fun run
  • visit Park city
  • send thank you letters
  • hike 
  • camp
  • go on a red cross camp
  • get trained in a  rescue team
  • see Petronas Tower
  • Visit Disney World 
  • Visit my 3 favorite temples (SL,Logan,SD)
  • buy something in central market alone
  • ride on an air balloon
  • decorate a christmas tree
  • fly a chinese lantern
  • ride a zipline
  • learn how to bike
  • ride an hot air balloon
  • accomplish a 365 project
  • ride a parachute
  • read and own a copy of My Dear Sisters
  • read and own a copy Forget Me Not
 The second bucketlist is where my spirit is burning to do category. 
Goals that are essential to my exaltation or marriage or motherhood and family.
 It mostly involves not just me alone to accomplish but a person or a number of people to help me accomplish them. 
Life is fun so set goals! 

  • Serve a mission
  • graduate from institute 
  • earn a YW medallion
  • Start a journal
  • keep a journal for a year
  • finish D&C
  • Serve a couple mission
  • Be a pure sweetheart to my sweet husband
  • spoil my grandchildren
  • send my chidren to mission and college
  • run a family blog
  • Get married in the temple
  • Perform baptism for the dead
  • Earn a degree
  • meet Andrea
  • kiss in the rain
  • go on a date wearing a pretty black dress
  • be an enrichment act resource person
  • cook my mom a good meal she never had before
  • watch General Conference in SL Tabernacle 
  • go to Manila temple
  • write a book
  • learn how to sew
  • learn photography
  • grow a garden
  • work on family history (6th generation maybe?)
  • have super cute family milestones photos
  • bake cookies and make meal for a neighbor
  • perform ordinances for my ancestors MORE!
  • play the piano in a sacrament service
  • accompany a special number with piano (ward/stake)
  • play one instrument  (piano, violin or cello)
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