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Friday, May 15, 2015

Why Family History?

The spirit of Elijah is the sweetest as we prepare to make ordinances for our ancestors. 

The new Family Search website was a bit challenging at first.
I remember the campus proselyting during the mission. 
The church is brilliant. (and true)
I was able to check it in the mission but but less concentration in the website.
 I'm not a techy person I had to look for our ward consultant. 
But it's cooler than I thought.
And guess what? After fixing my account and making all the necessary, I found out I reserved many ordinances ages ago. I can't even, I was pumped up!

Why do family history? 
It makes me a happy granddaughter of Abraham. 
Don't you just want to be with your family forever?
It is the Lord's commandment. 
It is a part of my covenant. 
Because I don't want to see the whole earth utterly wasted though I am 100% certain Heavenly Father would not allow that. ;) 

And because..
Life is hard and not perfect. I am not perfect. 
Do something that will make you one step closer to perfection. 

And the perk of it all? 
It reminds you of the living you need to add to the tree. 

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