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Sunday, November 30, 2014

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Weeks of September: a bountiful year in the mission.

Hello family and friends!
I was thinking of how to make it up to you because these emails stopped coming this transfer cycle. I owe you stories and photos.  I hope you still got all my love in the personal emails I sent. Truth is, I had a hard time keeping records in my journal so these came rather sporadic too. But hey, I still delight in keeping records, I promise. 
Baptism: John Paul got baptized! It was lovely. His sister and his mom who we are trying to get back to church attended. His mom attended he sacrament too. :) This little one is precious. This made our day after traveling back and forth for exchanges. It was a sweet day to witness someone make a covenant with Heavenly Father. 
Investigators: Ryan and Raquel attended the sacrament once. They are neighbors with our recent converts and they referred them to us. Teaching with the members present is my favorite. We just can see how the Pia couple glows as they share their conversion story and testimonies every time. Work hindered Raquel to to attend church but we just starting. :) Brother Arnold, a part member family continues to attend the sacrament and activities. He is progressing wonderfully with his entire family as his solid support system. He said that the time for his baptism will surely come. We know it will come, he will be ready. Nanay Juana decided to stop meeting with us and it was devastating but all is well because there is a time for every season. We started visiting which I think is the farthest purok in our area. We had to pass through  a vast ricefields. The S family is a referral of Bro Arnold's family, They were reading the Liahona and Book of Mormon and soon requested for additional copied for other members of the family. It's great! 
San Francisco: I love San Franz. I know I always say this but I really do. I wish I get to spend the Christmas here. President Galgo is a jolly servant himself and that makes almost everyone a jolly servant too. We had a branch home evening just before the couple missionaries departed. The members brought non member friends and we found new people to teach. We had a caravan and each family had their own tarp printed with a prophet message or a scripture verse about family. I like how the branch gives us opportunities to serve and at the same time open our mouths to share the gospel. We joined several measles campaign in our pday and a tree planting called Treevolution. It turned out Mindanao  is trying to beat India in a tree planting record. 
Exchanges: We brought the Bislig sisters to work in our area. It's 2-3 hour drive and the travels were doubled but it was a legit plan :)) I worked with S. Velasco in San Franz while S. Distrito worked with S. Madrinan in Bislig. S. Velasco is the best in using the scriptures to teach. When I listen to her I get excited like its my first time to hear about 1 Nephi 3:7! I traveled back to Bislig to work with S. Binalingbing. Sister missionaries are unstoppable. She was suffering from menstrual crumps on the day of our exchanges :( She rested a while and led me to the area and lessons like there is no more than important but to teach the gospel. Sure, it is. She was brilliant. Sister Mercado, one of the other sistersin the aparment is a baby but not in teaching. Im not sure if I told you already about her but she is from Tacloban and she is strong and just fantastic. 

Companionship: The Ilonggas is in the house Companionship is going great like how we both expected. Sister Distrito sure laughs a lot. She is a medicine. You know I tend to get serious about stuff more than I should do and she is the perfect ray of sunshine Heavenly Father send me. Ha! We are planning on what to do already when we are back up there. We spend our 1year anniversary in the mission together. 
I turned a year already, can you imagine? Remember those little stones we got when we arrived here? Those are still shining. 6 months will pass so swiftly so trust that I am doing the best I can. I love each and everyone of you!
I told you I will make up with the photos. More to come :) Enjoy! 

Sister Javelona
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