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Sunday, July 19, 2015

It's Great to be 28!

Who used to be so scared of aging? I WAS!
I couldn't even tell you how dreadful it was to me. 
I wasn't scared because of wrinkles and stuff. I was scared of aging and not living life to the fullest. Too many desires of my heart are out of reach. Dreams were blurry and goals remained but goals. 
The good news is I didn't stay being the person I was. 
I was different then and I'm more different now. 
I could talk to that person now and tell her how it was and she will be happy to be gone forever.
 She will be happy about what we've become.

So! I thought it's sweet to write a few things I love the most over the past year. 

Turning 28 at this point in my life is perfect. 
The way I know, live  and love the gospel at 28 is wonderful.
 I've never felt closer to my Savior. 
78 won't make me understand the Atonement fully but the testimony
 I have now about It is life changing.
I've never felt more like a daughter to my Heavenly Father than now. 
It's a relationship that continues to shine everyday.
 I've come to recognize, accept and do his will more lovingly. 
A little more submissive each day.  

I've been more kind to myself. Gone are the low self esteem and unkind self perception. 
Gone are the I can't do it and I don't know what and how to do. 
Gone are everyone else is better than I am and I will never be good enough. 
A little kindness to the heart everyday is the way for me to turn more outward than inward. 
I'm more comfortable in my own skin now, more patient with my own imperfections 
and forgive myself more quickly. 
That results to healthier and happier relationships at home and outside.
 I continue to learn but I'm glad i grew to see others raw and still so beautiful 
and be patient with others imperfections too. 

I know more now what to do. 
I feel confident about the future. I know what work to pursue,
skills I need to develop, what books I should read and the role it plays in the great plan.
 (okay maybe the books are too obvious) 
But everything really matters. 
At 28, I feel more certain how I would and could bless my home and my own posterity. 
I know I'm a woman and the influence I have is eternally important. 
I came to love temple marriage like how my Heavenly Father wants me to. 
I have to insert that because it is true. 

But every girl in the church knows that! No, they don't. 
For some, these realizations came early and easy. But for most, it came slowly and hard. 
But to each is her own story. 
Whatever your story is I hope it is what will yield you the greatest eternal advantage. 
I can see mine that way.

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