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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Great things come in small packages

After my usual morning prayer I went ahead and sent lesson memos from my classes last night. It has been my usual schedule for the past couple of weeks. I will have 8-12 classes daily and I send the memos early the next day. It's a routine but it's okay. 

I should say it never stops being a bit overwhelming. Finding out what to do and where to go. What job do you really want and is the next semester really best time to get back to school. What is and what not. These and all the other life obligations makes me feel overwhelmed at times. 

And sometimes it feels like I'm hitting the wall. 

But.. Heavenly Father gives me what I can only bear now. 

I "accidentally" watched the Face to Face with Elder and Sister Bednar after the usual after work routine. It was live and I only watched the last 45 minutes or so. But I thought I heard what I needed to hear. I felt what I needed to feel. 

So here are several notes I made and the attributes triggered. 

I can do all things Christ. (faith)
There are times when people are silent and they are screaming.. but noone will know that unless with a gift of discernment. (service)
The answer from the Holy Ghost come in small packages most of the time not in big bundles. (patience in receiving revelation)
Decision makings.. you won't know if its correct unless you act and press forward. (to act and not to be acted upon)
Use technology with discipline. 
The things that I do not have answers for do not overrule the things that I have answers for. (faith)
Include the Lord as your partner in every question. 

I love feeling the presence of the Holy Ghost so strong. It's the same feeling I have in the mission conferences, or interview with the mission president.. and in companionship study or teaching the investigators. It was a familiar feeling I missed and wanted to stay everyday, but let's face it.. now that I am back from the mission the feeling as strong as how I felt today can sometimes be blocked. This morning though, I was reminded I could make my own sacred grove anywhere anytime to feel the sweet spirit of revelation. 

And besides not all revelation will come in big bundles or in a strong way. It will come in small packages, most of the time and it's true for me. There are greater things to come. 

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