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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Week 8: Hastening the Work!

Hello family and friends, 

You are constantly in my prayers. I love you all so much. My trust in the Lord help me not to worry and focus on the work in this time of calamities. Our Pday was moved to Thursday and Im glad I can exercise my patience as I wanted to hear how everyone is doing as soon as as possible. There was an invite areawide to fast and pray for the people in Bohol a couple of weeks ago. I hope everyone will be ready once again to do the same for Tacloban. There is power is prayer and fasting.
Baptism! Cristy and Dave were baptized on Saturday. I feel so blessed to witness both of them progressing in the gospel. Dave said that he wants to serve a mission too! Cristy is such an inspiration. Her story makes me more grateful of the Plan of Salvation.
Zone Conference! It was the best! I love President and Sister Torres. There are too many to share but let me share my favorite. President Torres reminded us how the Lord is hastening the work.
1995- organization of the Area Seventy
1998- building of smaller temples
2004- introducing of Preach my Gospel
2012- lowering of missionary age
2012- new missionary leadership (STL)
2012- 54 new missions
2013- broadcast of the Work of Salvation
It makes us all look forward to the future and progress of missionary work worldwide. Say, 2 years of mission for the sisters? :)
New Cycle! None from Bayugan sisters got transferred. We are happy to have another cycle together. Our district leader was transferred :( BUT it is great to learn from another leader. We welcomed E. Delmendo and his companion E. Azor fresh from the MTC.
Health and Tips! 2 months in the mission field and and no sickness of anything! Thank you everyone for the prayers. Sister Esguerra and I are committed to obey with exactness and that is includes regular exercise. Same with taking of vitamins. For the mission bound, bring a pillbox with you. It will help you not to forget to take those badboys ;) I am losing weight too. I haven't officially weighed in the office but I have to make small adjustment with my skirts already. I have been using safety pins, I need to sew. Sisters, if you think safety pins and sewing kits are not essential, they really are!
BR Page! I am not a big fan of this but somehow is a funny "must" in the mission. Anyway I received my first page from a E. Gayeta our zone leader. He went home last 7th. Apparently when you receive one you are suppose to make one for them too. That is probably not so important but there you go :D 

Belated happy birthday to Chika and Jiji. I hope you both enjoyed your day. I will email again in 3 days time. Stay safe and pray often. Enjoy the pictures! Have a great weekend.
Love always,
Sister Javelona


Post halloween with Jethro!



this is probably not so important too but I changed my table cover this week :) 

Best district!
Cute Pillbox! :D

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Since I my next email will still be on Thursday next week here's more of what happened today. It was a combined Butuan West and East ZOne activity. We had ball games, card games and gospel fun quizzes. It was fun. We also watched 17miracles. Im not sure if we have watched this already at home but if not I hope you would. It's a great movie. Let's remember and cherish all those pioneers who suffered much for us. 

I am proud of the shirt :)


 Zone Activity: Pres Torres teaching us how to play uno?

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Week 7: What's the difference between sunny day and rainy da...

Dearest family and friends!
Hello! How is everyone? I hope you did something fun and enjoyed the school break. And Halloween too! I want to see pictures if the ward had an activity or whatever you did on the 1st. I miss everyone.
Sister Kyle was baptized! She turns 13 today so her baptism and confirmation were great presents.His brother Dave will be baptized on Sturday too. He was there in Kyle's baptism and we thought that got him excited too :) Cristy our other investigator will be baptized too so be excited for more pictures next week. The field is white already to harvest!
So, whats the difference between sunny day and rainy day? You have 3seconds to answer. Tooot! The answer is none. It's our attitude that matters. Its decision if we want to go out and find souls or be idle and wait for the rain to stop or the sun to come down. That was a nice thought from our district leader and amazingly enough Sister Esguerra and I felt we were tested. It was raining cats and dogs but we decided to go out as planned. We were only 4 blocks from our apartment when we noticed something. The ground was dry. No sign of rain at all! We laughed and was glad we made the right choice. See how choices in our lives are similitude with this?
Remember how we talked about crowded buses as one of my mission challenges? :) Crowded places and buses are at my top pet peeves. You get all sweaty, your make up smudges and everything melts. Well it happened yesterday as we traveled to Butuan for a zone activity. We traveled already several time but this is the first time it was too crowded and we stood for an hour.  Its probably not a big thing but I wanted to share I survived it. I know you are proud of me. :D I did not get sick nor did I get impatient. It will be the first of many. The only sad thing about it is there were no gentlemen at all. Whatever happened to chivalry? Okay, I'm finished .:D 

We will be staying here until Tuesday morning and the next few days will be super busy and we will be traveling to and fro a lot. Thursday will be our transfer day. I might or might not have a different follow up trainer but I will for sure finish my 12 weeks training in Bayugan. Zone conference is on Monday next week and our Pday will be moved on Thursday. I know it will be a bit long before I can email again so I attached more pictures!
I love you all so much! Enjoy the pictures. Have a wonderful week!
Love always,
Sister Javelona

 I know nakakita na kamo tanan kini kadako na papaya. Wala lng :D

Bye bye favorite shoes! 
Pizza pizza pag naa time :)

Bayugan East District

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Week 6: Think Positive. Think Baptisms. :)

Hello Family and Friends! 
I hope you got my mail already! Did you plant the cranberry seeds? Please do! It should have fruits already when I get home. Just kidding! No pressure! :) 
This week finding new people to teach has been more challenging, spiritual and fun. Sister Esguerra and I are very goal oriented. We know behind these numbers are children of our Heavenly Father so we are extremely conscious and sensitive too. Quality baptisms are what we want. And speaking of baptims, Sister Kyle is ready for November 2! I will send pictures next week :) Excited? This is my first baptism here in the mission and we are working to make it the best spiritual experience for her.
Your sister missionary :)
Our area is huge compared there back home. We were instructed to only proselyte within the city proper. If we want to go to areas that are far off we need a priesthood member to go with us. On thursday, our WML went with us to Brgy. Salvacion which is 8km away from the proper. We taught 3 families! Maningkamot mi :) We are looking forward for them to progress. Think positive. Think baptisms. They will come. 
On Tuesday we travelled again to Butuan for our district meeting. It is always fun to see other missionaries especially my batchmates. S. Distrito from talisay are among them. I love this sister! Of course the meeting itself, went great. Elder Paraiso, is awesome at giving workshops . You got to be pondering about them on the bus ride. 
Funny story of the week- Sister Vilma made us take home a pork lechon. Not just the chopped lechon meat but half the head! It was funny, we were carrying it home. She loves us and we are grateful. Families, don't worry about your missionaries. They are being taken cared of too by the kind members of the church. And for us missionaries, what Elder Echo Hawk said is true, "Love the people. It will take you a long way." 
I hope you enjoy the recent photos here. I'm sorry I didn't have more photos of the area. We are consumed with the work and it's a good thing but we will try to take some this week. 
I love you and I miss everyone so much. You are in my prayers. Now please be safe on the election day and vote someone like King Benjamin. Hmmm.. :D
Time flies and our favorite time of the year is coming so soon. I am excited to see everyone especially Haley! Have a great week.
Love always,
Sister Javelona 
Bayugan East District "English District" :D

more batchmates


With S. Daphne, she works with us

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