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Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 3: Don't Be The Quite Companion and Orange Maja!

Dear Family, 
Hows everyone been doing?! I hope the preparation for the coming General Conference is going well. Us sisters weren't able to attend the RS gen meeting because of travel circumstances . I was a bit disappointed because I was excited for that. So i guess we have to wait for the liahona issue. We will have the broadcast here in the ward for the Sat and Sun session. We dont have to travel far so that's good. It is wonderful to receive and hear again new counsels and revelation from the prophets. 
This week another 2 sisters are staying with us so there are 6 of us now. They are opening an area in Butuan but they havent found an apartment yet. Sister Esguerra is the most senior so the two of them had to work with us. It is fun! Also, Sister Concepcion and I arrived here together and its good to be with someone new too. 
I amade a language study plan which incldes  learning 30 words  and 10sentences daily and reading the BOM in Cebuano out loud. I will also practice writing in my mission language so my next letters might be in Cebuano too. Bear with me! I have to do it! :) I like that Sister Esguerra is pushing me just right for me to learn. I am not allowed to speak in other language inside the apartment! I am far from being fluent but with diligence and help of the Spirit it will come. Diligence in the Christlike attribute that I am focusing on this week. The Lord expects me to work diligently  and I know that if I do so I will be an effective and happy missionary. I already have small portions in the lessons we taught this week and not testifying alone. There is joy in teaching the truth!  am struggling in finding new investigators and I am grateful that Sister Esguerra is very helpful and compassionate with me. I feel conscious and awkward still to approach houses and individuals and start up a conversation with my crooked Bisaya. I will try harder and overcome the shyness too.After all, I don't want to be the quite companion! We have two progressing investigators this week, Cristy and Kyle We were so happy they attended the sacrament.:) 
I survived the first week here in the field! There are 3 of us greenies in the apartment so celebrated! For some reason orange and is the favorite color of the sisters here so S. Esguerra made us orange maja blanca. :) 
I didn't forget... Happy Birthday Papa! I love you so much! I hope you already read the letters I sent by now. I miss you tons. Travel safe with Scarllette on Tuesday. I love you both so much.
Lastly, I would like to leave a beautiful verse to ponder and pray about, Ether 12:6. I leave you the agency to open your own scriptures or look it up in lds.org. Come on! Do it! :) Have a great week!
With my trainer S. Esguerra
The Greenies!
Sister Javelona
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