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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week 4: Don't Forget To Look Up!

Hello Everyone and happy conference! I know different arts and qoutes from the conference are now roaming in the internet. I hope everyone's journal, pinterest or blog are filled with the powerful spiritual messages of the prophets. Let's continue on using the internet to invite others to come unto Christ! As for me, Elder Ochoa's "Don't forget to look up" is this week's  theme.
Can you believe it? It is already a month since my brother and I left for MTC. And it is getting better in every way. I talked about Kyle last week. She is progressing wonderfully and attended the conference but this time Dave his brother went too! So happy! They have such great potential, S. Esguerra and I are both excited visit them this week and talk about their conference experience.  Cristy wasn't able to come to church. She was sad and us too but we all decided to move forward. We will start counting Sundays again with smiled on our faces. Don't forget to look up! When life is tough and commitments are not kept, don't forget to look up! Pray, read the scriptures and go to church. The seemingly small things we do will take us a long way. It's true to us missionaries and to everyone. 
Favorite apostle of the week? It's given, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. It wasn't from the conference  but a talk he gave to MTC on 2001 entitled "The MIracle of a Mission"  Very powerful! Missionary work is the hardest and the most important work here on earth. Neck to neck to motherhood :) it is the most important work I can do in my life. If you are goin on a mission, or if you have a son, a daugther or a friend on a mission send this talk to them. They will love it and it will help them. One thing I didand May help me with beore I left was printing out my favorite talks. Proven enough, it came in handy. One tip for the mission bound. :)
They already found an apartment for S. Conception and S. Rosero. They left on Friday and I missed them. It is always great to work with other missionaries. You get to learn from each of them. 
The APs picked us up today at 3:30 am to travel to Butuan for a zone activity. We had small games, igado for lunch and bowling. Enjoy the pictures!
I hope everyone had a great week. I miss everyone. I miss seeing my baby Haley with her little apron on. I found a new recipe for bread here that we can make together. 
Thank you everyone for the prayers and love. I can feel it from here.  Know that I love you too. Have a great week!
Sister Javelona
Just in case you want to know, I "think" im losing weight. :D In a good way. Also I  found out we have jumping ropes here. This week's exercises will be fun!

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