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Sunday, September 29, 2013


Hello Everyone!
First week here at the MTC been a blast. The first night that we got here we stayed in a hotel! Super nice. Elder Javelona seemed to enjoy it more than I did thought because he ate there a lot. Seemed like most missionaries who who were housed there took advantaged of the room services and desserts!  First day at the MTC was very busy. It was process driven though so all assessments, vaccines etc were done before 12. My companion is Sister Aventura from San Carlos District. She speaks Cebuano already so I thought that was rad. We don't have language study here so when we have time left during our companion study I take time to write down several Cebuano words from her. Also,I didn't find a proselyting bag here and she gave me one!!! I love it. She also loved the cover for the planner I gave her. She is a sweet sister and we get along very well. Mosiah Distict (hiligaynon district) is the best district here! Elder Javelona is in the same district too. It's cool when you have a brother here and everyone seemed very fond of it too.
This week, we have two TRC investigators. We have a baptismal date for Brother James and working on teaching him the Plan of Salvation. We were not able to have Sister Jenny commit yet to baptism but we are getting there. From our last visit, she accepted our invitation to read the BOM and pray about its truthfulness. We will have another appointment with her later this afternoon and we plan to teach her the Restoration. Sister Aventura and I are excited. I was struggling a bit recognizing the spirit and teaching  as prompted by the Spirit during the TRC (because sometimes I can't seem to internalize the investigator is not my MTC teacher) but through prayers I came to know that this is the curriculum of the Lord.  The Preach My Gospel is wonderful and I am in love with it! I wish I could have known how powerful this book is before I went here. We had a devotional with Persident Echo Hawk and wife. Elder Echo Hwak talked about how our calling were inspired of the Lord and he shared with us how he witness one of the prophets give calls to missionaries. When the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies and when we obey with exactness, I know that we can be the teachers the Savior wants us to be. Also, fun fact, he is an American Indian so basically we had a Lamanite talking to us. :)
Health Updates. I felt the same headaches and backpains for three days here.  Now don't freak out yet! I  Ive been feeling better since I took medicines from the clinic. Just so my mother won't worry, please know we have milk during breakfast and dinner. Vegetables and fruits in every meal and exercise daily. I run daily since our first morning here and played badminton several times with a sister from Laos. It was fun. I will let you know her name when I learn it for it has has 20 letters. haha
I didn't find a suitable charger for my camera. Bummer!!! I know. We don't have time to take pictures here but on our last day we will have the chance to do so we I will try to send pictures. Or when I reached the field. Later will be our endowment and we are all excited for that. To be able to see the temple here everyday feels wonderful. I will write more when I reach the field next week. An hour is not enough to say half of my spiritual experiences here. Thank you for all the emails and love. If you haven't yet, send emails to Elder Javelona. He would love to hear from you all. If you are too busy and won't have time to write us both, write to him. NO really write to both of us! :D
I miss my little sunshine, Haley so much, please tell her what I do here so she knows.  I love being a missionary! Have a great week everyone!
Sister Javelona
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