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Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 16: Happy New Year!

New year's eve and new year day went great! Our former bishop invited us over to their home to spend the eve. We have to be home by 6pm so we just actually stayed for less than an hour haha. We had a short home evening and it was fun. We couldn't make it to another member's house so they opted to send us food. Spag, salad and all the new year kind of food we have at home. Our table (and fridge) was full. They are amazing!
I gave a talk on the last Sunday of the year 2013. I shared a powerful counsel of Elder David Bednar  referring to our Savior. "Jesus Christ never turns inward but always outward." May we always turn outward and develop charity towards others this new year.
I know, this is such a short letter but you will get my handwritten letters soon. I hope you enjoy them!
The joyful servant,
Sister Javelona 

With Bishop M and family
 Butuan East and West Zone

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Week 15: Sir Ralph Weasley, The Prayeful

Everyone, I'd like you to meet Sir Ralph Weasley. He's been praying for his rightful owner . His only requirement is for his master to be as prayerful as he is. Who is the lucky girl? Me! 
Stories aside, this is from Sister Sabio and it's super adorable. He stays in my study table because I love the message he conveys. Pray often to our Heavenly Father. :)
The prayerful servant, 
Sister Javelona

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Week 15: Favorite Time of the Year!

Dear family!
Thank you everyone for the Skype call. It was hard to say goodbye because I miss everyone so much. I was very happy to talk and see each one of you. Thank you for all the great stories! 
About me and Sister Arrieta,we are doing great! She is shy girl but she talk just enough for me to know how to help her. I always appreciate how humble and hardworking she is. Pangalatok, her native language has no single word similar to Cebuano so her learning the language is different than  mine. We both love learning the language together. 
I think I talked about Sister Fernanda. She is one of our progressing investigators. She attended church yesterday and brought a friend with her. She is awesome! She has 10 kids so her family always reminds me of us. The Sabio couple are my favorite people in Bayugan. We brought them to Sister Fernanda's home when we taught about the temple. Their testimony about family sealing is very strong and they are an inspiration. 
I always talk about our family here but I feel that this Christmas time I talked even more about you guys than before. You are the greatest support system. When I feel inadequate or the calling being too big for me I remember how confident you are about my potential .Thank you everyone! 
Enjoy the photos! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I love every single one of you!
The joyful servant, 
Sister Javelona

With Sabio family :) 

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Week 13 & 14: My very own "Sacred Grove"

Two amazing weeks! I have so much to share with all of you. I will try to be as organized and detailed as much as I can.
Transfers: First of all S. Esguerra was transferred to Tagum and called to be a training sister leader. I told you I have a wonderful trainer! It was mixed emotions. The 4 of us made the most our of our last day together. S. Llave was transferred to Bislig to open a new area for Sisters. 
Sister Comiso and I are training! Its crazy how fast it all happened but I feel ready to train. The last 3 months have been full of preparations. My new companion is S. Arrieta from Pangasinan and she is  24. I am excited to know her and help her have the best training experience. 
Health: I lost 6lbs! I feel good and healthy. Morning exercisesare getting even better. Skipping rope is the best and Im planning to add hollahoops to my routine. I think S. Arrieta likes it too. I can say no to soda and chips now very easily. Its been a while since I last had them.
Lastly I think I already told you that we successfully transferred apartment. We have the most perfect study room ever. From my window is a view which I'd like to call my own "Sacred Grove" It's not much in the photo but its beautiful with pillar of lights in the morning. 
I wish you all a Merry Christmas! It will be the first far from everyone so Im excited to talk to everyone over Skype. 
Enjoy the photos and have a great week!
The joyful servant,
Sister Javelona
Last Night together! :) 

The Greenies!
Outside my window.


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Week 12: Changes

Hello family,

How's the countdown for Christmas going? Mine is going great! Also because I am very excited to talk to everyone. I love you all so much!
This week was amazing! Sister Esguerra and I grow closer than ever. Working hard and seeking for improvement is what makes our companionship stronger. I love her! Our companionship might end this transfer and both of us are not ready yet. Every Sunday we would choose one Christlike attribute  to study and we would strive and focus  to develop it the following week. I love her leadership and her example of  charity and patience have helped me a lot.
There is a reorganization in our ward this Sunday and we have a new bishop called. It was sad to see our former bishop go as he needs to transfer location but I am very excited for the new leadership. I am looking forward to work with the new ward council and press the missionary work forward. It will be transfer  time again on the 19th and I would love to stay here still at Bayugan and preach the gospel here.
I think I talked about the Christmas Missionary Activity? FT missionaries and members from the ward prepared songs for the investigators. There were 51 investigators who came and felt the spirit of Christmas. :) Activities such as this can help us bear our testimony about the living Christ. 
Our mission christmas conference will be on wednesday. We travelled again to Butuan and we will be staying here until after the conference. We are doing the cup song among others as our presentation. Believe it or not  we are dancing :D Dancing is my least favorite talent but it seems like I can't say no when it's christmas.
Okay, I think I have more to say but I will include them on the handwritten letters I'll send before christmas. :) Thank you for all the prayers. I love you all so much! Have a great week!
The joyful servant, 
Sister Javelona

"moving" to a new apartment

"moving" to a new apartment

Bro J in our blood letting activity

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Week 11: Hello December!

Hi family and friends!
First of all I had a haircut. Sister B. gave it a great shape only it was shorter than what I asked for. The internet shop here at Gaisano doesn't allow any devices attached to their computer. It's weird, so I might just make up next week for the photos. I think I can still pull the short hair. :)
My hair is probably not so important so let me tell you the more interesting part. We were supposed to transfer apartment on Thursday. We packed everything and dissembled the beds even. Our zone leaders and district leader traveled to help us. We loaded our first batch of things already to the jeep we rented when the subd owner stopped us and offered us a better house. I will not try to go into more details anymore but it was crazy! We returned and unpacked whatever we can. The beds are still not assembled as we opted to wait to be transferred to the other house they promised. The four of us are grateful the hunting for apartment is over and all efforts are for the work again. 
Letters and emails are missionaries' vitamis so they say. Thank you everyone! The letter E. Javelona send me finally arrived and included are lots of MTC photos. I am excited to send those home as soon as I can. 
The members are our best allies. Referrals from the members of Bayugan Ward just makes our day. Give your missionaries referrals and work with them  and they will love you forever! :) 
December already! I am excited to see everyone on Christmas. Stay safe and have a great week! 

The joyful servant, 
Sister Javelona
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