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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Week 34-35: Mother's Day, Conferences, Christmas Again and M

Hello family!
You never fail to surprise me each week. You guys are busy! Have fun repainting and decorating the house. I want to see photos! Thank you for the Mother's day skype. Mama is kind enough to let everyone chat. I had so much fun!
This week we had our zone conference focusing on key indicators. I know its might be a missionary jargon :) but its about goals and plans we set so we could lead people to conversion. It was my third and its getting better every time. The concluding message of President Torres was a different topic though and a very beautiful one. The Family: A Proclamation To The World. He took the time to expound the obvious and not so obvious principles. Our family is by divine design! Put it back after repainting and I hope everyone will read and ponder it always. 
The District conference was also this week and focused on role of members in hastening the work of salvation. Elder Coliado of the area seventy presided.
Missionary work is hard. The people we are focusing and were progressing did not attend the conference. We prepared them well for it and they were very ure they would come but they didnt. Sister Cestona and myself were both devastated. BUT we are not discouraged. Missionary work is hard because it's TRUE! We have set new goals and plans this week to help them progress again. Tonight we will have FHE with the G. family together with our district president and branch president as their fellowshipper. I will tell you all about it next week. 
Family, bring referrals to the missionaries! They need you. Work hand in hand with them.
So! Let me tell you about Sister Cestona! I call her the candid missionary. She is very candid in everything she does I find it very amusing. She talks a lot and I love it. We have normal challenges on training. She makes me understand and apply more the principle of being bold and loving to a companion.
It's Christmas time again!!! I received Ryan's package! I know they are very sad it came late :( BUT Christmas is my favorite time of the year. They brought it to me on May. How cool is that?? They sent me candies, missionary stickers, a very cool scripture marker and yes, knowing Ryan.. toys. I feel so Canadian and loved with all the pretty Canadian stuff. Even party strings. I will save them for later! The best of it all are the family photos! Super love this family!
I am sick today with a common cold but I can work :) so no worries. Trust that I will be extra careful to not get sick again. And oh, I know how to ride the bike already. I am sending photos as proofs ahah I hope you will have a great week! I love you all!
Your sister in zion, 
Sister Javelona 

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Week 32-33: Improve The Shining Moments :)

Hello family and friends!
Today, Elder Javelona gave a playful comment about my letters. Im indicating the weeks in my letter but I am no trunky at all. That is not even a word. I am indicating the weeks here because of special reason and that is for Haley :) Congratulations for the new dog. I assume its a she because you named her Pepper. Yay! Thank you for using my favorite petname. I know I am growing poor at sending you these letters. I'm sorry! I hope I can make it up to you in this letter :) I am growing familiar with Tagum. I enjoy the busy city durng Monday and the fresh air of the countryside in some of our areas.
Transfers: I got transferred! To another room! I am still in Mankilam but just transffered in a different working area. It is very humbling to be called again to train. Sister Cestona is from Pangasinan and she is 26 like myself. Sister Arrieta is from there too. Pangasinan must be very special. It was able to send me wonderful sisters to train. S. Cestona is a jolly bee. I cracks jokes I couldn't get sometimes and we will burst into laughter. Our first week together ran smoothly as she is very humble and very excited to work hard. As for S. Darasin, we are still staying in the same apartment. She was called as STL and given a new companion. I hope you can see all my stories about Sister D were understatement. She is a great sister!
Work and Testimony: The youth of Mankilam are the best! They just had a conference and they bore their testimonies. I felt happy for our investigators to witness them. Pinky and Jayzelee and both of them showed enthusiasm as they listen to the youths who spoke in the pulpit. S. Berlyn also attended church and was in full participation in the class as we discuss family responsibilities. Pray for these precious souls that they continue to progress. This week's greatest spiritual experience is with the leaders of the branch. In one of our council meeting we were given feedback and counsels. Our strengths and and accomplishments were discussed however as important as them are our weaknesses and areas for improvement. It was one of those times when I was strongly urged to apply humility and understand better how we should sustain and follow the leader's counsels. I hope and pray you continue to do so in our ward.
Health: Health is ecstatic. I lost 2 kilos over the past 2 months. It's better than losing nothing at all. hah! I can still say a BIG NO to soda and chips. The summer heat can defeat us so as required I always bring water and use my umbrella. Also, durian is everywhere and I am growing to love it. It is actually very delicious.
I couldn't help but say it again, time is running extremely fast. 10months left in this wonderful mission and I ain't even ready to diminish another month. Trust that your missionary is in her best self and striving to fulfill her purpose at all times. Even in the most common missionary situations. Elder Javelona's letter from Laoag shows he is improving each shining moments, your Sister from Butuan is doing the same :) I hope this will bring gladness to all of you. I love each and everyone of you. Mother's day soon! I am very excited to see you Mama. Skype it is. As what Elder Javelona said, we are not contented with voice, we want countenance!
Your sister in zion,
Sister Javelona 
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Week 29-31: Let your faith show!

Dear family and friends! 

Okay, I am trying to contain my happiness because of your great stories. It sounds like everyone is starting the summer right and super fun. Yay for the stake camp! Let me know how Chika's audition went, I'm so cheering for you! I hope all of you are doing very well. While these past there weeks been most exciting I know I've been writing shorter emails and I'm sorry :( I am making up today so you will be receiving two long emails. Are you ready?! 

The are used to be very wide when we first got here but now it seems like there only few places we could go to. I guess that's okay because it tells us we have explored the area well. We have 3 progressing investigators, Nomelyn, Emily and Eliza. We met them only last week and we are excited to get to know them better and for our next lessons. Sister Darasin and myself both felt that these past week been slower compared to our first weeks but we are not discouraged. We were on exchanges and I wasn't able to attend the sacrament with them. I went to Sison branch with S. Esguerra, my STL and trainer before. Exchanges are the best! Sometimes I forget how great changes really are. Working with her after 4long months made me see the improvements that occured.
Conference overload! In a good way. We had sister missionary conference in Butuan. We all felt very special. The aim of President Torres is to pur emphasis on the moral force of women. I am very grateful to be a woman and a member of the true church where I am always honed of my divine nature and limitless potential. I'm very grateful I am surrounded by great women both at home and here in the field.  It was superb. The General Women's conference added more to the experience. That reminded me of the wonderful talk President Uchtdorf gave using the forget me not flowers as a metaphor. It would be wise to read it again. Mama, thank you for being my mother. I am excited for Mother's day and talk to you and prolly to everyone else? :). Just a side note too, I survived the bus. No sickness at all. The Gen Conference is another highlight of this month. I especially love the counsel of Elder Nelson, "Let your faith show!" What's yours?
I made a commitment to do better at writing you my spiritual experiences. I want you to know that I experience failures here too and I never intended sugarcoat. Only because I don't want you to worry because one thing is for sure. I don't stop growing.  A couple of weeks ago, I experienced struggles in teaching effectively and felt so much inadequacies. I studied even harder and fasted and seek help from my companion. I didn't feel improving until I receive an inspiration to wait. I prayed for patience until understanding and improvement comes. Until additional knowledge and help comes. And it came. President Torres called for a specialized training in a very short notice. It was centered to exactly what I need. I can see what Heavenly Father wants me to learn. It is what E. Uchtdorf said " Patience means to abide in faith, knowing that sometimes it is in the waiting rather than in receiving the we grow the most." 

I pray that you will be patient. I love each and everyone of you! You are in my prayers constantly. Have a great week!
Sister Javelona
 Dinner with Bro. Mendoza and his son Mikey. Bro Mendoza served his mision in Bacolod back in 1984-1986! He shared wonderful stories and great missionary counsels. 
We had lunch outside the meetinghouse during the general conference. 

With my favorite family, the Abequibel! They give referrals!

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