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Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Truth About My Mother

My mission often allows me to
 love people even more and see who they really are and what they really do. 
And with all the studies I had regarding motherhood and being a daughter, it was then I realized I never really understood my mother. 

Listening to this song written for Emma Smith
.. I couldn't but remember my own mother. How these words perfectly fits her. My mother is not a prophet's wife nor had she or will cross freezing rivers or run from mobs to protect her children.. but while I was pondering the hardships and toil my mother had... I thought she has the same brave fragile heart.

She never had an ordinary day. 
She decided to have 13 kids. 
It took me a very very long time to understand.
 It was a choice. 
She chose to be a mother of many with her wonderful husband.
She chose not to have any ordinary day with him. 

It was never in between. 
Her days were extraordinary in many little ways. 
W ether it's hard or easy, it was never ordinary. 
The thought of her having a child at a young age makes me gasp in awe. 
The stories of her craving for more knowledge to she'll know how to raise us good. 
My heart overflows with love when
 I think of her great choices often not for herself but for her children
My heart even overflows with gratitude because of how brave she is
 during times which is completely new to her. When she needs to make choices foreign to her. 
When she makes mistakes only to learn things sometimes the hard way. 
Because she has to.
 She has to grow and learn her profession with mistakes every now and then.
When she has to break so she could be more beautiful. 
 And then she blooms like no any other.
 I wonder how heaven rejoices over her courage and sacrifice. 
She taught taught us to be brave. She taught us hard work and sacrifice. 
She didn't do charity. She is charity. 
She made it a part of herself and it became very natural she didn't know she is making it. 
She knew her children will be good and though her fragile heart will ache from time to time because of her children's imperfections she still believes her children will be good. 
And so she taught us to see the good in everyone. She taught us to repent and make a better us. 
She taught us that change is needed to be good. 
She taught us what is important and to dream. 
She taught us to chase after them.
 Her capability to love and learn makes my testimony of a loving Heavenly Father even stronger. 
Her love is  divine I know she inherits it from Someone with divinity. 

My mother is stronger than the storm while her love gives peace and hope. 
I have seen her almost giving up but then again like so many other days, she didn't.
 She worked everyday, sacrificed even more everyday. Loves even more. 

She taught us in the best way that she knew. She may have not giving everything nor taught everything good.. but she gave and still gives all of herself for her children. 
She will not allow anyone to make her do it otherwise. 
 And what she gives are never ordinary.
Because after all she is always extraordinary. 

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