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Sunday, May 3, 2015

How about earning a medallion before getting married?

I love getting better everyday. 

 And what else can help us women be better this summer and after?

 I know. I know. I was long gone my Young Women years. 
 But hey, we never graduate from being better every day. 

 Suffice to say, I did not understand but I do now.
It's more essential than how you think it is. I will not talk about regrets but how hopeful it is today. 

 I have many friends who earned it, and they are the best examples. My mission allowed me to know more women who understood and earned it. And now, my sweet sister May (who just turned 16) will be getting her medallion soon. She understood.
Such an inspiration. 

You are given one chance after another because He never gives up on you.

 I'm excited! I wish I could be with my own sisters and sister missionaries who so wanted to go through the program. Come on, let do it because it's worth it.

Extra helps do not hurt.
 Cool personal progress helper site. 

How  about earning a medallion before getting married? NO. 

How about getting better everyday at your values and shining brighter and brighter before marriage? YES. 

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