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Friday, October 11, 2013


We left the MTC early in the morning of Wednesday then flew to Butuan City. The were 24 of us. 12 sisters and 12 elders. Sister Distrito became my travel and in between transfer companion automatically. We met our president and his wife at the airport. We were expecting that we will be transferred immediately but we were housed in a small hotel near the mission office for two nights. We had  more practice teachings and workshops before our transfer day on Friday.
          My companion and trainer is Sister Esguerra from Nueva Viscaya. Don't know yet how similar or contrasting our personalities are but the adjustments are going well. I feel that we are most productive during companion study and planning. I can already see that I will be trained well. She's very good at finding and talking to everyone!
          As expected, new missionaries will always be the speaker on their first Sundays in the ward. I was more shy and quiet because of being new but I am working at it. When I talked in the sacrament I immediately understood what I need to do to be successful in here. I have to work and open my mouth! Being able to talk and  share to the congregation made me feel better and less shy. Meeting the members in the ward was highlight of the day. We also had a special service in a far Baranggay. We held the sacrament in a little shack. Seeing the members try to help so others can partake the sacrament was amazing.
        So let me tell you about Bayugan City. It's an hour drive from Butuan where are mission home and office are. Now don't be fooled... because it doesn't look like a "Ciudad" to me at all. It's way less urbanized than i thought it would be. (Infact even Butuan is not) It's all rice fields and cornfields here. The store where we can buy stuff is what they call warehouse. There is no single mall here. Warehouse is pretty much like BreadMaster back home. We can see a beautiful view of rice fields and mountains on the way to our area. Wait, in fact there is a beautiful view of them just outside our study room's window. Our apartment is super nice and it's probably one of the best apartments. Also I don't want to forget to mention that we have a washing machine with dryer. I know! Very Cool! I know my mother will be happy about that. There are four of us sisters in the apartments. The more the merrier right?
        I don't feel the days are running fast yet. I feel like I've been here for a years already.  Battling the homesickness started after i left the MTC  but thing are getting better. Working makes it better. Language is not coming very fast too but it is going well. The more I recognize  my weaknesses the more I understood the principle of humility and makes me exercised my faith even more. Missionary work can be very hard especially the transitions when you have your comfort zones. But it is very rewarding. I know that if we continue to emulate the Savior and turn outward instead of turning inward for our selfish desires, we will be happier.
       I miss everyone so much! I miss my mother terribly and when i feel like it's very hard already, I remember their mothers in Alma 56:47-48. Thank you everyone for your prayers and love. I can always feel them everyday.
       I know I wrote more than I intended to do but I hope it would  bring happiness to my family and friends. This will go in a letter because internet here is very poor. I love you all so much! Have a great week!

Hacienda namon sa gawas.

                                      Hacienda nam
   Our apartment

Sister Javelona
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