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Friday, November 22, 2013

Week 7: What's the difference between sunny day and rainy da...

Dearest family and friends!
Hello! How is everyone? I hope you did something fun and enjoyed the school break. And Halloween too! I want to see pictures if the ward had an activity or whatever you did on the 1st. I miss everyone.
Sister Kyle was baptized! She turns 13 today so her baptism and confirmation were great presents.His brother Dave will be baptized on Sturday too. He was there in Kyle's baptism and we thought that got him excited too :) Cristy our other investigator will be baptized too so be excited for more pictures next week. The field is white already to harvest!
So, whats the difference between sunny day and rainy day? You have 3seconds to answer. Tooot! The answer is none. It's our attitude that matters. Its decision if we want to go out and find souls or be idle and wait for the rain to stop or the sun to come down. That was a nice thought from our district leader and amazingly enough Sister Esguerra and I felt we were tested. It was raining cats and dogs but we decided to go out as planned. We were only 4 blocks from our apartment when we noticed something. The ground was dry. No sign of rain at all! We laughed and was glad we made the right choice. See how choices in our lives are similitude with this?
Remember how we talked about crowded buses as one of my mission challenges? :) Crowded places and buses are at my top pet peeves. You get all sweaty, your make up smudges and everything melts. Well it happened yesterday as we traveled to Butuan for a zone activity. We traveled already several time but this is the first time it was too crowded and we stood for an hour.  Its probably not a big thing but I wanted to share I survived it. I know you are proud of me. :D I did not get sick nor did I get impatient. It will be the first of many. The only sad thing about it is there were no gentlemen at all. Whatever happened to chivalry? Okay, I'm finished .:D 

We will be staying here until Tuesday morning and the next few days will be super busy and we will be traveling to and fro a lot. Thursday will be our transfer day. I might or might not have a different follow up trainer but I will for sure finish my 12 weeks training in Bayugan. Zone conference is on Monday next week and our Pday will be moved on Thursday. I know it will be a bit long before I can email again so I attached more pictures!
I love you all so much! Enjoy the pictures. Have a wonderful week!
Love always,
Sister Javelona

 I know nakakita na kamo tanan kini kadako na papaya. Wala lng :D

Bye bye favorite shoes! 
Pizza pizza pag naa time :)

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