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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Week 8: Hastening the Work!

Hello family and friends, 

You are constantly in my prayers. I love you all so much. My trust in the Lord help me not to worry and focus on the work in this time of calamities. Our Pday was moved to Thursday and Im glad I can exercise my patience as I wanted to hear how everyone is doing as soon as as possible. There was an invite areawide to fast and pray for the people in Bohol a couple of weeks ago. I hope everyone will be ready once again to do the same for Tacloban. There is power is prayer and fasting.
Baptism! Cristy and Dave were baptized on Saturday. I feel so blessed to witness both of them progressing in the gospel. Dave said that he wants to serve a mission too! Cristy is such an inspiration. Her story makes me more grateful of the Plan of Salvation.
Zone Conference! It was the best! I love President and Sister Torres. There are too many to share but let me share my favorite. President Torres reminded us how the Lord is hastening the work.
1995- organization of the Area Seventy
1998- building of smaller temples
2004- introducing of Preach my Gospel
2012- lowering of missionary age
2012- new missionary leadership (STL)
2012- 54 new missions
2013- broadcast of the Work of Salvation
It makes us all look forward to the future and progress of missionary work worldwide. Say, 2 years of mission for the sisters? :)
New Cycle! None from Bayugan sisters got transferred. We are happy to have another cycle together. Our district leader was transferred :( BUT it is great to learn from another leader. We welcomed E. Delmendo and his companion E. Azor fresh from the MTC.
Health and Tips! 2 months in the mission field and and no sickness of anything! Thank you everyone for the prayers. Sister Esguerra and I are committed to obey with exactness and that is includes regular exercise. Same with taking of vitamins. For the mission bound, bring a pillbox with you. It will help you not to forget to take those badboys ;) I am losing weight too. I haven't officially weighed in the office but I have to make small adjustment with my skirts already. I have been using safety pins, I need to sew. Sisters, if you think safety pins and sewing kits are not essential, they really are!
BR Page! I am not a big fan of this but somehow is a funny "must" in the mission. Anyway I received my first page from a E. Gayeta our zone leader. He went home last 7th. Apparently when you receive one you are suppose to make one for them too. That is probably not so important but there you go :D 

Belated happy birthday to Chika and Jiji. I hope you both enjoyed your day. I will email again in 3 days time. Stay safe and pray often. Enjoy the pictures! Have a great weekend.
Love always,
Sister Javelona


Post halloween with Jethro!



this is probably not so important too but I changed my table cover this week :) 

Best district!
Cute Pillbox! :D

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