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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week 18: The Spirit of Elijah and the day of hearts challenge

Hello family and friends!
I told you last week of different exciting events so here they are. First of all my attempt to do rice rolls without nori was a flop :( I didn't bother to take pictures but that probably isn't important ;) I'll try again next time.
I was vague about the campus proselyting. It was the 1st Genealogy and Family History Work and Exhibit. Yes, first because Butuan Mission was the first to organize this kind of event in the Philippines. Caraga State University wasn the chosen school. It was a success! (and a fun activity at that and very spiritual) And guess what
assignment I got with Sister Comiso? We will write an article for the Mormon Newsroom! As always, inadequacies tried to kick in but no worries because we shrugged it off right away. We got some photos but I might send them once they are officially out. The workshops were great and the students were very participative. More of what happened will be in the article so for now it is suffice to share the challenge Elder Papa of the Area FH gave us, "Remember at least one of your ancestors on the day of hearts!" Planting the spirit of Elijah hastens the work. I know it's true!
Exchanges are the best! I sometimes feel pressured about it but it's still my favorite. The training leaders are inspired and called of God. I learned many from Sister Ebalan and Sister Frando but what I like the most are their counsels on how I could show more my love for Sister Arrieta. These sisters broke my wall too easy and I didn't help but cry and share my feelings of inadequacies. And in return, I feel very uplifted and my companionship with Sister Arrieta got even better!
Some of you might have heard about the soil erosion that happened in our area. Travels were canceled but everyone are safe. Thank you everyone for the love and prayers!
Lastly I want to share with you a poem written by an elder missionary of Butuan.  He wrote this for a very special reason. He is a great example of strength and faith.
The Beauty Within
M.B. Arpon
(dedicated to my father and two brothers, my beloved mother Zenaida and all those people affected by the typhoon Haiyan.)
The beauty of life is not always what you see 
Neither of what you hear nor other's tellin' thee
Not as the berry, that so fair, yes! So sweet
But on whence it from, and what it may become
The beauty of journey is to enjoy it freely
Not to run faster and finish it immediately
Not to win gold or biggest trophy
But to have the prize of all eternity
The beauty of affliction is not that you are alone
Not to cry and weep or just stare on the moon
Not to think that God is just sitting on His throne
But to know that He's there to bless you all along
The beauty of all pain is that you must endure
and know that we are loved enough to give us cure
The beauty of being loved is that to make it sure
to lighten all burdens that you and I has bore
Life is not full of joy or of recreation
not so filled of peace but you much hold on
Trials and afflictions seem, will never leave you home
but the beauty within is that you must go on. 

Remember that the Lord loves you! Have a great week!
The joyful servant,
Sister Javelona

   With my companion Sister Arrieta 

 Excited about what?! 

  I want to be a Preach My Gospel missionary :) 

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