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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 48-49: Origin, exchanges, how much i love you and more!

Hello family and friends,
I love you is an understatement. You are the best ever. Just so you know, you taught me lessons very well despite the distance. Thank you for the not changing support this week. I cant believe John Paul is another year older. 4 more years and he will be another Elder Javelona. Happy Birthday to Scarlette too! Remember that aging is beautiful. :)
We had exchanges with the Bislig sisters. Its in Surigao del Sur. The travel went well and whats overwhelming in a good way is the follow up of the leaders from 2 zones asking how we are doing. People are kind. On Wednesday I worked with Sister Madrinan. We stayed in the same apartment in tagum so it was great to see her again but this time is more special because we get to be companion for a day. S. Maravilla was my companion on Thursday. I super love her. She was S. Comiso's companion before too so I was excited to work with her. Overall the exchanges were very spiritual where I had opportunities to teach the sisters and was edified by them too. I love being a missionary!
There were many other things that we did in the last two weeks. We had family home evening with JP's family. Yay! It was great. He sister who went less active told us that she really missed FHE's! We were like "Yes!" because that is a great indicator of love of the gospel. JP continues to progress, he reads the BOM regularly and his prayers are improving. He used to ask for bike everytime we pray together but right now he prays for his family and health. We had FHE together with the couple missionaries with the C. family. Elder Torio talked about the role of the priesthood in the home. I love and respect the priesthood. I am glad mission taught me more about it. We had lunch with the couple again when they asked me to help in editing the project proposal for the area. Happy to serve!  Too sad 3 weeks from now they will be home bound. We were invited to one to an Relief Society activity where we made curled cards. I will send a photo when I can. It was a great opportunity to know them and encourage them about missionary work/visiting teachers.
Did I tell you Sister Calugay is going home in 6 weeks. We are not even sure yet if she won't be transferred on her last cycle. We are both hoping she will stay here in San Franz so pray with us. :))
I love the Book of Mormon. I don't even know how put eloquence on this but I love the Book of Mormon and I know that it's true. I am falling in love with both Mormon and Moroni. The chapters in the Mormon helped me but admire their courage and steadfastness. Despite living in a wicked world since their childhood they were obedient. Moroni knew God raised him up to keep the records so we will be blessed in our days. I try to feast upon the Book of Mormon more than I usually do. Haha I set realistic goals I promise! I mean I still get upset when I cant do a lot of things I want to do like study the Old Testament even more and finish the Liahona May issue in one month time but Im working at it. I manage stress. :))
Here's my favorite video of the week. It helped me understand prayer and revelation which I plan to study about more this week. Let's go to our origin.

I will talk to all of you next week again! Have a great week!
Your sister in zion,
Sister Javelona 

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