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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 50 & 51: Create your own subject here :)v

Dearest family and friends,
How's everyone doing?! I can't believe my princess turned 8 already. We have another covenanted girl in the family. :) I am more than grateful. I love my Haley!
Sister Calugay was transferred. :(  6 weeks went by very fast but the great news is my new companion is Sister Distrito from Talisay Ward! She was in the airport too when you send us off, I hope you remember her :) JP is progressing very well, her sister Mary Ann is very supportive of her and she is returning to activity step by step. We are excited to see their mother attend JP's baptism on the 20th. We had home evening with them. Sister Distrito taught about divine potential and the elders led the games. We are still teaching Aj and Sun, our recent converts. Juana has been out of town so we were not able to continue her lessons. Jhon Roi is now more engaged in missionary work. We were receiving several referrals from the members and they are receptive.

Ever heard about the members who are in address unknown files? The church provided the list to us so we can search them out and use it as a finding tool. So let me tell our experience about it. Finding the names is hard. We gave the names to the branch missionaries to search them out on facebook etc. We are still working and hoping it will provide results. We started looking for those names listed in our area and we did not get any results. One day we were inspired to look for the names whose addresses weren't listed. We knew the chance was very slim considering we didnt even know their addresses but we followed the promptings of the spirit. We We found the C family the next day! They haven't attended church for more than a decade now.  How I love them! We are now teaching some of their part members. Please pray that they will open their hearts to the gospel again. I know that the Lord will help us do his work.
Sister Distrito and I attenedd our first MLC together. The couple missionaries gives us ride everytime to Butuan so that makes the travel even fun. I love Sister and Elder Torio. They are like our father and mother here in the mission. They are going home in a couple of weeks. We also launched the Self Reliance Services. It was an opportunity to find people to teach too. 

This letter is not long enough but I will make up next week. I love each and everyone of you. Thank you for your prayers!  Have a great week! Create your own subject! Happiness is always a choice. And by keeping His commandments we are choosing to be happy!
Your sister in zion,
Sister Javelona 

 FHE with Magabo family

MLC with the sisters, couple missionaries and Sister Torres

. I taught them how to make rice rolls on our pday. It felt like I can't teach  them anything else but this for now haha 
 FHE with Sun, AJ and family 

Self Reliance Services launching

FHE with JP's family 

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