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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Week 43: Twenty Seven! I can't even!

Hello Family and Friends!
I love you all so much!!! Thank you for the lovely greetings and sweet messages. I knew everyone are excited because my birthday falls on a P-day. Thank you Mama for smothering me with your mother sweetness.  I'm glad you and Papa both agreed to raise a me as your daughter haha I love you and misses you so much.
My birthday started with the other 3 sisters in the apartment who woke me up with the birthday song and a little candle. Simple but sweet. My daughter, S. Cestona gave me the cutest card ever. Today was and is still busy! The zone went to the sports complex for exercise then we had workshops. See it was very educational huh! What to do in case of fire, earthquake, flood etc, and first aids. Your sister missionary will be safe :) We had games and it was super fun. They prepared a cake for me and for the new missionaries who are graduating from their training. After sending email, we will have an early dinner with President Mendoza. He have been planning for this birthday treat for two weeks already haha He is a tatay to us. We will then have a family home evening with the Navarra family. I am grateful I am sharing my birthday happiness with this family who I really love. I will tell you all about it next week and send you some photos. Overall, I feel loved and I want nothing but just to give the love back!
Now about this week! Sister Cestona is on her week11. And during this week, she was tasked to lead all the planning and teaching. It was successful! Transfers will be on thursday again and I want to stay with her for another cycle and for Mankilam. We'll see the will of the Lord. We found the Navarra family. They are now reading the Book of Mormon and praying! I love it when people are keeping their commitments because I know it will make them know the truth and the start of growing a faith. We had an activity and their daughter Jessa came. Sister Honeylou came too! Seriously, I was almost losing hope that she would come but she did. Sister Cestona and I have seen the fruits of effective follow up.. The YSA activity was the best! President Natividad, our branch president is way cooler that I thought he was. The whole activity became "bibbo" because of his outgoing attitude towards the young people. He gave a powerful welcome message and we just felt his love for our Jessa and Honeylou and others. It was nifty because during the games, he can then also transform into someone they can just be comfortable to laugh at and with.
This is long I know! But I want to write more. My testimony about revelations and Lord's timing grew even stronger this week. It feels good to know I have a Father in Heaven who knows me more than myself. I also know He knows the people we teach here. He knows their desires and what they need. He reveals to us what we need to do so they can and will embrace the gospel. If proven faithful and obedient, He will bless us with revelations that could make us the best man/woman that we are supposed to be. The music box is a blessing. I've downloaded my favorite talks and would listen to them when doing the laundry and exercise. And it helped me much this week. Elder Wirthlin said, "We see ourselves in terms of yesterday and today but our Father in Heaven sees us in terms of forever." I know it's true and his timing works for his children's best.
I'm not scared of aging anymore. I am very excited actually!
I love you all so much! Have a great week!
Sister Javelona

Branch Missionaries Activities with Jessa and Honeylou

Face mask, a present from the sweet Sister Concepcion  The whole gang joined in!

With Nanay Angelita and her bestfriend Lilia and her daughter. I told you about them last week! 

Birthday morning :) 

Happy Birthday to me! 

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