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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Week 42: Superlative Obedience = Superlative Blessings

Hello family and friends!
I'm at our apartment's terrace at 5:30am while writing this letter. I love silent time and ponder just what to tell you about your sister missionary. Mission is getting harder and harder but I am loving it. There were days this week when it seemed blurry and stuff are hitting itself against Tagum's wall. I made those challenges ooportunities to even get closer to my Father in Heaven, ponder about the Atonement and my purpose and be converted. I can't be successful here without the grace of the Savior. The lack of baptism is a reason to be devastated and even when I don't tell you in my letters I know you feel that I am. Almost questioning what I am supposed to do here in Tagum. BUT please know that Sister Cestona and myself are becoming who we are supposed to be as we get through this. I found comfort from one of the message in our zone meeting. Our brothers and sisters here might not be responsive today but love them anyway. We might teach them tomorrow.
This week's finding and teaching efforts were great. We also had more members who taught investigators with us. Lotte, Janine and Tata are the best!  Brother Mendoza was extremely enthusiastic in friendshipping the P. family. We found them through a referral and found out Bro. P. was baptized when he was 15 years old and stopped going to church when he got married. He is now 50 years old. There are no accidents in finding them. The Lord wants them back in the fold. Can you believe it? S. Cestona is almost done with her training. She is growing inside me. She literally and figuratively pushes me forward when I can't make it to another house anymore. She is the greatest.
We had our zone training meeting. It was very cool because our zone leaders  made an acronym for us. What they call a revelation received from taking a bath.

Something they added afterwards was "Pay" which makes it Tagumpay. It was a good name the zone can live by. President and Sister Torres conducted a specialized training the next day. Tons of great things I learned but I want to share with you about superlative blessings. (ex: good, better, best) We want the best, we want the superlative. In the church, the superlative blessing is eternal life. If we want superlative blessings, superlative obedience is required which is exact and strict. They also attended our sunday service and President Torres taught more. It was a very neat spiritual timeout and recharge.
I received your advance birthday package! I loved all of it! The card was very funny! They were very helpful items. It was perfect because I was also replenishing my 72hr kit. Sister Ces took a video when I opened it, I'll send it when I can.  I received some early presents, chocolates from S. Con, disney mug from s. G and a mini PMG from Elder Ballon. So much love.
The branch missionaries organized a family home evening for single adults, we invited our wonderful friends who are learning the gospel. We are excited to see Honeylou, Rj, Roselyn and many others. Fingers crossed! It will help them so much to progress. I will tell you about it next week.
I love you! Talk to you again soon!

Sister Javelona 

Jogged at the sports complex with Lotte and Janine

with the L family. Sister L is the super mom, i will tell you why in my next letters

Just in case you forgot about this little guy. Enos is helping us with planning. 

Thank you!

 Ice cream after the zone training meeting

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