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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Week 41: July, Service and My Sister's Keeper

Dear family!
First half of the year is over. How's everyone dealing with that? Ha! It blows my mind. 
We had exchanges this week. I worked with S. Tabligan in my my previous area in Mankilam. Exchages are still the best. It makes me want to love and serve more my own companion when its over. One of the investigators we taught is Angelita. She brought us to her bestfriend's house. They are old and been best of friends for decades already. It was such a thoughtful service of her to invite her friend learn about the gospel. I love seeing them every Sunday at church. Sister Darasin and Sister Tabligan are taking good care of them. It's all about friendship and service this week. My personal study and other stuff I do point out to these eternal principles. Now I don't watch movies nor do I influence the sisters in the apartment to do so. We are consecrated but I shared with them about My Sister's Keeper and the principle of love and service it conveys. I was glad to share with them one of the Javelona's favorites. Joseph Smith said about service, " We do not present ourselves before you as anything but your humble servants, willing to spend and be spent in your service." That's what missionaries do!
This is short but my next email won't be, I promise!
Your sister in zion,
Sister Javelona

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