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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Week 39 & 40: Did you sleep in the Restoration?

Dear family and friends,
The Plan of Salvation is true. Lola Veronica knows it! We are so blessed that we have this knowledge and testimonies. You are always in my prayers. We've all seen how Lola endured well. I love each and every one of you. I am glad how Lola united the family. 
The past two weeks was full of twist and turns. New faces in the investigator pool are our source of joys. We are facing challenges with as Sister H. continues to learn the gospel She's been progressing a lot in the last cycle and it stopped but we are not panicking. The adversary is working because the work is true! We taught the G family with our district president and his wife. It was a very spiritual lesson about family prayer. The more knees to kneel before our father in heaven makes prayer very powerful. Sister Cestona is starting the cycle great! Yes! We were not transferred and we'll be finishing the training together. Another 6 weeks of learning and great companionship. Her finding and teaching skills continues to improve. "Just as vital as what she does though is who she is" Sister Cestona loves the work and she knows her purpose. She tells me she loves me often. haha  We are enjoying the companionship. If I can, I will take her home with me!  New missionaries joined the zone as well. Elder L., a previous AP became our zone leader so everyone is excited. He has only 3 months left in the mission and his drive to make every day count is very contaminating. 
We had our branch conference. All the messages were focused on hastening the work of salvation and to remind us not to sleep. :) I know that if we will continue to immerse ourselves in this work. (missionary work, gospel teaching, rescuing, temple and family history work etc.) we will be blessed. I know it! Your stories and emails are full of blessings. I know even Lola Veronica did not sleep in the Restoration. :) 
As for your missionary, I continue to be in my best self. My personal studies are great and prayers are more guided by the Spirit. I will be talking more about it in my next email. I always strive to love the people even before I knew their names. Choices are placed upon your sister missionary and your inspiration continues to guide me. President Torres shared, "The biggest room in this life is the ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT" I am working at them.
I hope you will have a great week! Now don't worry too much of what I eat because I am well and I eat right. I love you tons :) 

Your sister in zion,
Sister Javelona

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