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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Week 36: Drop by Drop :)

Hello Family!
I've been sick this week with common cold. No worries because I endured it well. Got a priesthood blessing from Elder Trias, one of our zone leaders! Very grateful for the priesthood. Even though I was sick, this weeks been fantastic. Ready??

We had FHE with G family. It used to be we have only their three girls but this time the whole family joined! We have our district president, branch president and branch mission leader with us. We had solid support. It was very spiritual and fun. We went home with smile on our faces and we are sure they were happy too. We had another  lesson with them on Wednesday and the parents joined again. Sister G and one of their daughter Pinky attended the sacrament yesterday. The whole family wasn't their but its a great start. With the leaders and members, we can help the whole family get closer to the gospel. Sister Honeylou is also one of the people we are focusing on. She is 19 and shes been through a lot. We taught her about fasting and she did it. She did it for her her school application and I wasnt even surprised when she told us that it worked. It was admitted to the school and is now furnishing her requirements. What I felt is gratitude. I can feel the heaven helping us as we work with her develop her faith.
Other important activity was the missionary fireside we held with the branch auxiliaries. One of the main goal is to exhort the leaders and the members to use the Preach My Gospel manual in their home as counseled by Elder Nelson. We also had a service project in a local school. Fun!
Family, we can do this "drop by drop". I was inspired the song May saved in the music box you sent me. Drop by drop we can make our faith stronger and our testimonies firmer. The little things that we do such as praying, reading the scriptures and family home evening are the drops we could add to our personal progress. Remember that I and the Lord loves you! 
Your sister in zion, 
Sister Javelona
1. Mankilam Auxiliaries
2. Family home evening with the G. family
3. Wacky with the members!
4. With the leaders
5. Sister May! We love her! She is Brother Tommy's sister
6. CSP
7. See, you were repainting the house and I was repainting a chair! 


 See, you were repainting the house and I was repainting a chair! 

Family home evening with the G. family

 Mankilam Auxiliaries

 Sister May! We love her! She is Brother Tommy's sister

Wacky with the members!

With the leaders

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