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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week 28: I am a happy missionary!

Hi Family!
Elder Javelona is opening an area in Paoay! Day made! There is no greater email than this. The Lord is confident of our elder. :) Thank you for all the great news. Congratulations to John Paul for graduating and to my princess Haley. She looked very happy wearing her medal. I'm a proud sister. I think I never told you how thankful I am to be a part of our family. I love you.
Sister Darasin and I are both goal oriented. We were able to increased the souls we taught this week. We felt devastated because there are many who rejected the Book of Mormon. It used to be easy placing them but we are now experiencing our fair share of the prophecy being fulfilled. We are not discouraged, in fact this week we've been more diligent. We had LBMs. Like 7 of us sisters. Shhhh! I promise we were careful and followed the rules but it happened. The sickness did not stop us from working. :) We had to go home in the middle of our work to use the bathroom and go out again. It was funny telling the tryke driver to hurry or else...! We gave the other missionaries a great laugh. Anyhow, we are now okay :) We had FHE with the Abequibel family and they invited neighbors. We received great feedback from them and several of them are now investigating. The prophet Joseph said, "A long pull, a strong pull and a pull altogether!" This is how the church works! And families too!

Something common about me and Sister Darasin. We always talk about our families. There's not a day that we won't share something from home especially from what we learned. Its helping us in the work. It is interesting to know that she has a twin sister serving in Davao Mission. We can relate in so many things. I wish you will get the chance to meet her in person. I am so grateful to have her as my companion.

We will have a sister missionary conference on Wednesday at Butuan. It will be a long 7hour travel tomorrow. I will tell you all about it next week including how I can survive the bus. :D Have a great week everyone! Stay safe.
Sister Javelona

P.S. I realized I never told you how I enjoy dinner appointments and know the members more. I do. :D So tonight we will meet with the branch mission leader at dinner and our branch president invited us for next monday. Yay!

I love the A. family! 

FHE at the Abequibel's yard! :) 

Sister M and kids! 

Sister Darasin, the baby missionary! 

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