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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week 27: Tagum + Sister Darasin = Perfection!(2)

Hello family!
WOW! What are you guys doing while I am away?! I can't even contain how proud and happy I am about the youth activity. John Paul, May and Shine, you are all wonderful! I love the photos. Do not be afraid to take the lead. I can see the three of you continues to stand in holy places. I am cheering you on from Tagum!
I am happy to be a missionary! This week's finding activities been fantastic. Sister Darasin and myself are excited everyday to leave the apartment and find souls! We are focusing on the progress of A. family. The members are very supportive and they got many friends already in the church. When the missionaries and the members work together, we create miracles. It's the Lord's way.

 I like working during the morning. I used to not work during the morning because of the training and I am glad we have at least 2 additional hours to be out. Companion study is down to an hour but believe me, with Sister Darasin it is very productive! We both love every minute especially sharing and practice teaching. Companionship inventory with her is super fun. We had our first zone training meeting and had the chance to know the other missionaries in the zone. Above all, the workshops and trainings prepped me to the new area.

Also, I know I've only been here for over a week but I think it is already safe to say Tagum is the the most beautiful city I have ever been! I'm sorry Bacolod :D The Mankilam branch is very supportive of us missionaries. We were asked impromptu yesterday to sing a prelude in the sacrament. I guess that's just what mission makes of you, READY for whatever help the branch needs. :)
You might be interested to know that we have no washing machine. My happy days are over. Just kidding! Handwash is okay. It makes me ponder :)
I hope you all have a great week. Keep the faith and remember that I love all of you!
Your sister in zion,
Sister Javelona

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