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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Week 25: Baptism, Interview, Wallflower and Dr. Pepper

Dearest everyone!
How's everyone? As for me and S. Arrieta, its been a productive week. Cloves' baptism went great! Him and her mother Sister C. bore their testimonies. They are very special. S. Arrieta expressed several times this week how she enjoys the work. Heaven to my ears! She says just enough to let me know and i am super happy to feel both of us fulfilling our purpose. We had interviews with President Torres. I love every conversation with my president. His counsels are very important to me and he never fails to let me feel loved. I have special messages for you Mama and Papa and it'll be in my handwritten letters. ( I know i owe you handwritten letters :( It's been a while but I'm working at them! )
So I promised you I'll share line upon line of what I learned from the last mission tour. Sister Nielson, wife of our area president shared how she finds it amusing when Filipinos try to speak english and very often we say stuff in a more funny or special way. You know me about english, so this part of her message is very special to me too. She would often hear us say "I WILL BE THE ONE" instead of just saying let me do it or i'll do it. It's a beautiful principle of being able to say "I will be the one" when the Lord calls us to serve. I was a wallflower and I would often stay in my comfort zones but mission helped me tons. I thought that I did very well in participating just enough. One thing I learned, this opportunity to be trained and converse with one of the special witnesses and wife might not come again. I ain't wallflower anymore I guess. I can often say "I will be the one" now :)
Health updates! I gained a kilo in the last 3months. Geez, and I thought I'm losing weight. That's okay, I'll do better this quarter :) What's important is I am not sick. I am well and can work hard everyday. I am so close to hitting my 6months mark of not drinking soda! This is the one of the best discipline I learned here as far as health goes. A kind missionary gave us Dr. Pepper a couple of weeks ago and mines been humbly sitting in the fridge until now. I ain't even ready to get myself a reward for a job well done yet but a Dr. Pepper will suffice. :)

I've been out here for 6 months already! It is overly crazy how fast time flies. I might or might not be transferred on Thursday. I'll go where the Lord wants me to go. S. Arrieta's training is done and I will be happy to go serve in another area but the Lord knows what's best for us. We'll see!
I love the photos! I want more! I love you tons. Have a great week! 

The prayerful servant, 
Sister Javelona
Food! I made ricerolls! Thank you so much for the nori you sent me! 

                      Come, Follow Him :) 

yes to plastic balloons :D


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