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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Week 23: Do Something Awesome Today!

Dearest family!
Hows everyone been doing? I hope everyone is ready to end the month. Here comes the summer. :) Im excited to hear from everyone as soon as the break commence. 

This might be a shorter letter again. Only because there are no other extra curricular that we did this week which means we spent more time finding and  teaching new people. Yay! I love being a missionary! Sister C got sick and couldn't get to church :( but her son Cloves went all by himself. It used to be very hard to invite this kid and now we can all see how excited he is now  about church and our teaching appointments. His baptism will be on Mar 8!  About Sister Arrieta and I, we are getting better everyday. Challenges here and there but we are two great sisters so no worries. I think I told you before she was shy but now she is doing really great with talking to everyone. We are very blessed to be here. 

I gave a talk yesterday at the sacrament about Atonement. I love teaching opportunities such as this and though you were not here I was also thinking about all of you and how the Atonement has blessed our family. Here's a beautiful scripture for you, Alma 7:11-13. Do something awesome today and read the scriptures. :)
This coming week will be interesting.  Elder Nielson and his wife will have a mission tour. I am excited to tell you about it next week. And perhaps I can attach a few photos.
I wish my baby Haley to get well soon. Take care a have a great week!
The prayerful sister, 
Sister Javelona
P.S. You might be interested to know that I consider wearing black stockings for this tour. You know how its very common to missionaries. :) Thoughts anyone? :) 
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