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Thursday, March 26, 2015

It's not really goodbye.

I thought this post deserves more details than what I usually do...
Sunday- after the district conference, we traveled to Davao and dropped Elder Perez off the airport. Went to Tagum, yes you read it right, my lovely Tagum. Saw several of my most favorite people and slept in the sister's apartment. With Sister Distrito. :D I will  make add anymore, you know what happens next. Happy times. 
Monday- President Torres picked us up and a few more sisters on the way. The office elders are the best and the kindest too. Haha they probably have a perfect understanding already of how we feel. No, not really haha 
Tuesday- Career workshop. Then a devotional with President Torres... mixed emotions. Our orientation was like only yesterday, why are you sending us off already? It was very spiritual and again, bittersweet. He is like a father sending us to the real world. Of all the wonderful counsels he gave in the interview and the meeting, these too stood out. Mission is not the crowning event in a gospel life, it's temple marriage. Telling us to apply what we learned in the mission and seek for higher ordinances in the temple. Second, he truly truly loves us
Wednesday- overwhelming feelings. I am ready to go home but leaving was hard. Last mission moments with sisters I really love was precious. Im eternally grateful of eternal friends.I knew I was surrounded with missionaries who had done their best. And are determined to do their best after. The travel and the airport is like a surreal for me. I was consumed with happiness and gratitude. 
In other news, I did not get to enjoy the travel because I was unbelievably sick! Sister Distrito sure was very patient and kind to take care of me. :D 

Career workshop 

FHE at the mission home


my loves

the clock was ticking fast 

arrival of the new missionaries, it's your time to shine :) 

Sister Javelona
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