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Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 16: Happy New Year!

New year's eve and new year day went great! Our former bishop invited us over to their home to spend the eve. We have to be home by 6pm so we just actually stayed for less than an hour haha. We had a short home evening and it was fun. We couldn't make it to another member's house so they opted to send us food. Spag, salad and all the new year kind of food we have at home. Our table (and fridge) was full. They are amazing!
I gave a talk on the last Sunday of the year 2013. I shared a powerful counsel of Elder David Bednar  referring to our Savior. "Jesus Christ never turns inward but always outward." May we always turn outward and develop charity towards others this new year.
I know, this is such a short letter but you will get my handwritten letters soon. I hope you enjoy them!
The joyful servant,
Sister Javelona 

With Bishop M and family
 Butuan East and West Zone

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