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Monday, March 2, 2015

MIssion Tour

I am Abraham's granddaughter. Something beautiful I learned from the mission tour with Elder Bowen and his wife. We made it to San Francisco stoked and happy in spite of the long travel from Mati. 1st reason, its my 2nd mission tour in the mission. Wait that is redundant. Haha but yes. 2nd, I love San Franz! It feels like coming home. Elder Bowen is real. I mean he is a special witness of the Lord. Right in front of you. Telling you that he loves you. He talked about his sweetheart very tenderly. He talked about goals and planning and obedience which I loved but what stood out is the doctrine behind them that he made a highlight of. "Know who you are and act accordingly." Isn't that beautiful? Undestanding who Abraham was and is? Who is the House of Israel and where is your place in and for the gathering? Isn't it just amazing to know who you are and the promises made to you? It is beyond word wonderful. What's even more wonderful is the sweet spirit you feel that you can do it. You can be obedient and show your Heavenly Father that you are his child and is a descendant of Abraham. He promised to you. And you promised to Him. You will know for sure that you can act accordingly because you were created to return to Heavenly Father's presence. I feel so much happiness and gratitude while writing this. My writing would be all understatement. 

SG, the best. 

Met some members in San Franz again. Oh how I missed them. Saw my branch president and several other more but was not able to take photos with them. 

This was week 79 or 80 I think. I didnt care. It felt like I wasn't going home.

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